Looking For Vintage Wedding Decorations?

Published: 21st October 2009
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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Every bride hears this before her wedding. Something old and borrowed may be your mother's wedding dress, or even your grandmother's dress. A stunning gown from an era long before your were born can set the stage for a vintage wedding.

To go vintage, think old Hollywood glamour, black and white movies of the forties. A time when women wore demure gloves to leave the house but dared to have red lips and loose waves. Even if you don't have a dress that has been passed down from generations before you, there are plenty of gown designers that create a vintage look with lace and silk.

Weddings have stood the test of time, so no matter where you chose to have your party, any venue can pretty much be transformed to take on a vintage feel. To make a truly vintage feel to your wedding, include antiques or antique-type decorations: penny candies, soda bottles, try to incorporate a cameo. Be it jewelry or on your stationery, this forgotten design will send you and your guests straight to another time period. This is your opportunity to make something old, something new.

Most photographers are part of the digital age, which is obviously very modern, but the advantage of digital photography is that they can make pictures look as though they are from another era. You can have modern photos and still have some printed up to be in black and white, or even have a sepia tone added to them. Paired with an antique frame, it will look as though you and your groom have already been together for a lifetime.

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